Domino's practices omnipresence, being available on every device

Omnipresence in the Marketing Landscape. What You Need to Know

The world will continue to digitally develop. Therefore, the concept of omnipresence​ marketing is an essential strategy for your businesses.

Do you want to compete in the digital age? Then you need to achieve omnipresence by providing multiple channels of interaction between yourself and your consumer.

To utilize this digital change will mean stronger relationships with consumers. This flows from allowing them to interact with your brand in real-time.

Omnipresence focuses heavily on augmented reality and social media. These are the technologies which should be integrated with your traditional strategies.

Now, companies like Domino’s have realized this and are experimenting with tools such as AI, and platforms like Alexa, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.

Omnipresence means meeting customers on the channels they’re on

With most time spent on digital channels, you must meet your customers on where they’re comfortable. Furthermore, to attract a variety of customers, you must use various digital technologies. These can be leveraged to heighten the overall customer experience.

Omnipresence will benefit your brand and improve overall customer experiences. This is because an omnichannel strategy enables users to engage with your brand more thoroughly. Thus, creating a more memorable experience.

Your omnichannel strategy can include a variety of channels. For example; e-commerce, mobile applications, social media, and physical locations. These options will engage customers on multiple platforms throughout their decision journey.

Domino’s provides a perfect example of how to execute omnipresence and the value of it in today’s age.

We see from the AnyWare Campaign, Domino’s integrates itself across all potential customer touchpoints. In doing so, it allows purchasing across all platforms and devices consumers are using.

Increasing customer value through innovation

Domino’s excels at leveraging digital technologies in its marketing efforts. As a result of its strides at the forefront of new technologies, it has built deep relationships with its customers. Through building these relationships

In the last decade, Domino’s has seen a shift. From cheap delivery option to a company which is involved in every aspect of their consumers’ life. In doing so, they have shown that omnipresence in marketing is one of the key ways to stand out in the digital age.

Through technology, you augment your product offering. This can be through greater accessibility, convenience, or responsiveness. These benefits of omnipresence all improve customer experience.

Being available at all times

Consumers are now connected whether they are working, playing music, tweeting, and much more. This means your service has to be accessible on every platform. To make your product available immediately.

Using omnipresence in marketing has huge results. For example, Domino’s is now the leading pizza delivery service. Below, we see their Anyware Campaign explained further

Shifting to voice recognition

The future is in voice recognition. This is shown by Domino’s launching a feature allowing customers to place mobile orders through a virtual ordering assistant, Dom. This was a way to personalize the ordering process, removing the barrier of online ordering platforms.

With AI, you can ditch traditional purchasing methods and facilitate a true conversation with your company. This is just one of the many ways AI is changing the way marketers think about their products.

Embracing immediacy

Immediacy is everything in today’s marketing landscape – it can make all the difference when customers have a range of substitute options. Thus, omnipresence is the key to competing in the crowded landscape of today’s marketing world.

As seen, being accessible on all platforms will take you to the next level. Whether a product or service, you’ll move from a product offering to an integrated part of your customer’s life.

Keeping up

It is vital to stay in touch with the rising digital innovations and advancements that brands are using; whether you’re a marketing guru, educator, marketing student, or an interested consumer.

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and omnipresence are key elements of the marketing mix. So, as we continue on in 2019, pay attention to the trends discussed in this article. On top of this, work to integrate these strategies into your own marketing mix.

This post was written by Alex Weinstein, Olivia Vanhoy, Alice Mayoral, and Katie Lovelace. The authors thank Archie Mitchell and Dr. Joachim Scholz for their help in editing this article. Please follow the authors on Twitter for more information on this topic.

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