Meet the Squad

MKTGsquad is a network of marketing professors who are passionate about exploring emerging marketing phenomena. As experts in our fields, we guide today’s and tomorrow’s business leaders through analysis and case studies that are grounded in academic research.

For us, being an academic doesn’t mean sitting around in an ivory tower. It means wielding a sword forged out of valerian steel. Our yearning for new knowledge and a better understanding of consumers leads us to speak to marketing managers and customers in our research, to carefully observe and discuss the latest marketing trends, and to groom the next generation of business leaders in our MBA and undergraduate courses.


MKTGsquad co-founders


Joachim Scholz

Dr. Joachim Scholz

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
MKTGsquad co-founder & editor-in-chief

Andrew Smith

Dr. Andrew Smith

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Suffolk University, Boston
MKTGsquad co-founder & AR editor

MKTGsquad is also an opportunity for our best students to share their insights into marketing strategy and tactics. We continue to be impressed by our students, and we promise that you will be too. If you like their articles, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with them via their Twitter accounts.