How to Win at Lifestyle Branding: a Look at Los Sundays

From the outside, Los Sundays are just another tequila company. For its consumers, though, Los Sundays is an important part of what makes them, well… them.

Which means that for marketers, Los Sundays is the perfect example of lifestyle branding that can teach us a lot about how brands can create unique connections with their target markets.

Los Sundays was founded with the core values of “Quality, Originality, and Style”. And every detail – from the name and high-quality product to their exceptional tribal marketing and use of consumer-generated-content – stands out in a crowded market.

Let’s take a closer look at how these ingredients can help transform your own into a lifestyle.

The Product

The brand was born after its founders discovered a 100% Blue Weber Agave in Mexico. From that moment, the company took off. With the fast development of the product, the brand came to life. It grew around elements of the Southern California lifestyle.

Passion and original style became embedded in every single aspect of the brand. Today, this goes far beyond their uniquely flavored bottles of tequila.

The product comes as all products should. Supplemented with additional offerings. Buying a bottle of Los Sundays means you get your tequila served with content and merchandise as a side garnish.

Your company should also go beyond just goods. Offering content and services to enrich customers lives, helping build their connection to your brand, for instance. Engaging in lifestyle branding in this way you will earn you trust and advocacy from your customers.

“Tequila Kills The Boredom”

“Tequila Kills The Boredom” is written on all Los Sundays’ merchandise. Here they make a jab at alcohol not being the healthiest choice, but still, suggest it is a good one.

Los Sundays' brand focuses around the phrase "tequila kills the boredom".
Los Sundays’ brand focuses around the phrase “tequila kills the boredom”.

Their wordplay implies that drinking Los Sundays’ tequila will ‘kill’ anyone’s boredom. This aligns with their community’s inherent desire for fun.

The idea of “killing boredom” evokes a customer’s desire for rebellious excitement. This is the feeling the founders had while bringing their dream to life.

Wearing the brand’s merchandise gives customers the opportunity and the confidence to pursue that feeling. This bonds them to an irreplaceable tribal identity. Los Sundays’ lifestyle branding is centered around “tequila kills the boredom”. They keep the message consistent and central throughout campaigns.

To become a successful lifestyle brand you must offer consumers a way to express themselves. Your role goes beyond transactions and sees you help your customer to be themselves.

Emotional and resonating content

Los Sundays have a tribal following on its social platforms. They take a unique approach on Instagram, in particular.

The Los Sundays brand successfully captures all sides of its target market by maintaining two unique Instagram accounts: @los_sundays and @aboutlastsunday.

The Los Sundays Instagram account is a product-driven feed that showcases their offerings through stylized photos. The About Last Sunday account, however, takes a completely different Approach. They use consumer-generated content and storytelling to build deep and authentic connections with their customers.

With these two accounts, Los Sundays followers get the opportunity to see Los Sunday’s branded content. More importantly, though, to engage with the Los Sundays’ lifestyle branding.

One of few posts on About Last Sunday featuring their product.
One of few posts on About Last Sunday featuring their product.

Despite both accounts being run by Los Sundays, About Last Sunday rarely displays their tequila products. Instead, the feed is made up of photos from Los Sundays consumers.

The re-posting of photos from their tribe strengthens the bond between their followers and the brand.

What does this all mean in terms of lifestyle branding? Not only do you have to empower consumers to express themselves, but as a lifestyle brand, you must interact with consumers. By leaning on consumer-generated content you foster a genuine connection between your company and the consumers.

Creating Community

Los Sundays create an authentic community by targeting a very specific tribe: Millennials that embody the Southern California lifestyle. This is a group that sets out to enjoy everyday life and love to indulge in high-quality goods and experiences. With intimate storytelling, Los Sundays are able to portray a lifestyle that people want to be part of.

Consumers drink the product, wear the merchandise, and attend Los Sundays sponsored events. Being involved in the Los Sundays lifestyle creates community.

This sense of gaining access to a community by participating in the brand lifestyle increases buy-in.

Los Sundays’ inside track creates a deeply connected brand community. They show that creating a community is the final ingredient to creating a successful lifestyle brand.

About Last Sunday

With their original product, unique merchandise, and tightknit community, Los Sundays are taking the lead in today’s digital marketing.

Los Sundays show us the way to build a successful and intimate lifestyle brand. High-quality product, value-added content, and a strong sense of community around the brand.

This post was written by Aleks Ruplenas and Kerstin Steiger. The authors thank Dr. Joachim Scholz for his guidance in writing this article, and Archie Mitchell for his help in editing this article. Please follow MKTGsquad and the authors on Twitter for more information on this topic.

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