authenticity is key to purpose-driven marketing

How to successfully implement purpose-driven marketing? Authenticity is crucial.

Nowadays, consumers ​support purpose-driven companies. Now that purpose-driven marketing is trendy, companies hop on the bandwagon with the wrong intentions, prioritizing popularity over actual impact.

To have a meaningful brand, however, you must comprehensively adopt your values in everything you do. Leading us to ask, how do you contribute to the cultural conversation ​authentically​?

In order to be successful in purpose-driven marketing, you must choose a specific purpose to live by. After determining your core value or ideology, you must then come up with strategies to implement it in all aspects of your brand. Here, consistency is key. You must not only claim a purpose but act on it.

In this article, we will show you how not to miss the mark and some strategies to succeed. In purpose-driven marketing, authenticity is crucial.

Brands like Barbie: “Talking the Talk”

First, we see what not to do. This way we understand the importance of authenticity in purpose-driven branding. To promote diversity, Barbie reimagined their traditional blonde-haired, blue-eyed Barbie to create a wider range of dolls.

Despite trying to support relevant cultural conversations, you can still be called out for being inauthentic. Barbie was called out for not fully embracing body diversity, and faced the negative press as a result.

barbie's purpose-driven marketing recieved backlash on social media.

In order to avoid these mistakes, you must fully research the cause you want to support. On top of this, you must genuinely try and help, not just use it for positive press. Consumers can sense authenticity​ and will make purchase decisions based on its prevalence in a brand.

Fabletics: “Walking the Walk”

So, how do you brand ​authentically​? ​Fabletics,​ an activewear brand founded in 2013, is a prime example of authentic​ purpose-driven marketing.

Fabletics chose their purpose and exemplify it in all aspects of their business. They emphasize body positivity rather than promote traditional notions of a healthy body.

purpose-driven marketing reflects Fabletics' support for body positivity.

We can see that you have to live out and commit to your ideology. By remaining consistent, you will earn the trust of those who believe you’re supporting their ideologies.

Cultivate the message throughout the entire brand and product line, not just the advertising strategy.

Purpose-driven marketing allows you to give your customers the feeling that they’re helping. By purchasing your product, people feel as though they’re supporting a cause they believe in. This allows your brand to be more than a product, and become part of your customer’s life.

Perfecting the product.

Your stance must first and foremost be reflected by your product. Whether that’s inclusive sizes for body positivity or sustainable products for a green company. Kate Hudson explains why Fabletics decide to adopt plus sizes in their offering:

“We all set these standards of what we think is the perfect body, but we should be changing the dialogue to what makes you feel good. the world of health and fitness and wellness should be inclusive to everyone.”

purpose-driven marketing online means tailoring to and supporting an ideology

When constructing a brand that authentically supports a specific purpose, it’s important to cultivate the message throughout your entire brand and product line, not just your advertising strategy.

Authenticity with advertisements and influencers

Not only should you tailor your product, but your promotions too. With a focus on influencer marketing and user-generated content, your messaging should always align with your values.

Fabletics’ strength in social media marketing is their use of micro and macro influencers of all body types. This is consistent with their messaging about body positivity, so it empowers their customers to feel confident.

Below is ​Sarah Rae Vargas​, a Fabletics influencer who encourages body positivity and confidence.

Here we see a paid yet unscripted review of Fabletics clothing. When your influencers’ values align with yours, their content is genuine and you earn the trust of their followers.

Supporting your stance Through Content Marketing

In addition to social media, you should also produce content on your website​.​ This will serve as evidence of your dedication to a purpose. Successful content marketing spends little time on promotion and provides something of value to the consumer. A free offering earns good faith with potential customers and adds value to existing ones.

For example, Fabletics offers strategies online for how to meet your fitness goals in everyday life.

Through their blog, Fabletics shows a strong commitment to their consumers’ health. They provide healthy recipes, workout routines, and tips for living a balanced lifestyle. They maintain their cultural ideology by encouraging customers to live well.

Fabletics' Purpose-Driven Marketing is Focused Around Body Positivity.

To be ​genuinely​ authentic, you must choose a purpose and stick to it.

Implementing Purpose-Driven Marketing

With the rise of purpose-driven marketing, it is crucial to remain authentic and consistent throughout your entire brand. Consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they believe to be authentic. To be ​genuinely​ authentic, you must choose a purpose and stick to it.

Fabletics is an example of success, as they contribute to a cultural conversation and prioritize their ideology in everything they do. Through their inclusive product, atypical models, and content marketing, they allow consumers a purpose with which to align themselves.

By remaining authentic across all platforms, you will allow your users and consumers to be authentic as well.

This post was written by Tori Hemphill, Daena Hardash, Krista Hershfield, and Sara Lesher. The authors thank Archie Mitchell and Dr. Joachim Scholz for their help in editing this article. Please follow the authors on Twitter for more information on this topic.

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